History of Nelf Marine Paints

Old Nelf factory, 1916

Since the Golden Age the Netherlands has had a name as a sea going nation. Consider the United East India Company: the first multi-national in the world. But also the trading and fishing fleets which crossed the world seas in the 18th and 19th centuries. And of course not to forget Rotterdam: for many decades one of the largest harbours in the world and logistic crossroads of Western Europe.


Soon after its start (1916) Nelf anticipated the Dutch shipping tradition by manufacturing special coatings and protective agents for the nautical sector. An activity which steadily grew through the years. Through take-overs of, for example, Kiewit de Jonge (1976) and Feenstra Verf- en Lakfabrieken (1980), but also through the relocation to Marrum inFriesland(2001). P.K. Koopmans Lakfabrieken BV was taken over here with a new and modern factory.


The growth of both the sales and the international clientele, led in 2008 to the establishment of Nelf Marine Paints. All nautical knowledge, expertise and capability of Nelf is bundled in this special business unit. With as its mission: serving this specialised market even better and achieving the international ambitions.

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