Product development

Easily to apply. Excellent covering. Homogeneous. Fast drying. Moisture regulating. Environmentally-friendly. Sustainable. Of constant quality. Inexpensively priced…


Not complete, but a realistic summary of requirements which a contemporary coating must satisfy. Certainly when it is used professionally.


We satisfy these, and also other, user requirements. Not in the least due to the efforts of our Research & Development (R&D) department: The hub of Nelf Marine Paints.


R&D ensures that you will have the best coatings at your disposal; not only today and tomorrow, but also in the future. This happens because we continue to invest in product development and improvement and because our researchers and developers:


  • closely follow professional literature and market developments
  • anticipate new markets, requirements and legislation at an early stage
  • sample the production on quality, colour fastness, gloss, drying and viscosity
  • keep our technical advisors informed of new developments
  • support our people in the field with complex, technical questions
  • go for the best result.

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