Marine colours bundled in colour chart

Nelf Marine Paints Colourcard

Sea green, snow-white, clear red and ocean blue are several colours from the Nelf Marine Colour Chart.


Nelf Marine Paints has many years of experience with the development and application of marine paints. The shipping sector demands extremely high quality paint systems for both steel and woodwork. As no other, Nelf Marine Paints has been able to translate these requirements into a wide variety of quality products. In the new Nelf Marine Colour Chart, along with 7 micaceous iron oxide colours, 47 of the most occurring colours in inland shipping and fisheries are bundled. For whichever part of your ship you are seeking a colour, you will certainly find a suitable shade in this colour chart.


The Nelf Marine Colour Chart is available via the various bunker stations.


View here the Nelf Marine Colour Chart.

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