Thanks to sponsor, Bertus Sanders will participate in the GT4 races

27 July 2013

Spa-Francorchamps – On the challenging, undulating 7 km circuit in the Belgian Ardennes a large grid GT’s appeared at the start last weekend. A new name within the Las Moras Racing Team powered by V8 Racing is the one of Bertus Sanders. Together with Max Braams (who, based on his earlier race results could meet the AM-status) he manned one of the Camaro’s. Bertus Sanders from Emmen, who has been in the racing business for ten years now, showed his capacities and fought it to the top positions in the field.


The 30 years old driver from Emmen furthermore mentioned that he will drive the Camaro the last 3 race weekends as well, thanks to the support from his sponsor Who is about to join him, is not decided yet.


In the main race Max Braams and Bertus Sanders claimed the third place. Duncan Huisman and Luc Braams fell out prematurely due to a defect in the power steering. Luc Braams ended up at the sixth place in the opening race and Bertus Sanders classified in the last race very strong fourth.

For an optimal return on investment all should be good in once

Paul Dokter, algemeen directeur Nelf Lakfabrieken

18 March 2013

Marrum – Against oppression, P.K. Lakfabrieken (from 1885), books very good results. The Friesian paint producer has to compete against the big brands such as Sikkens, Sigma, Histor and Flexa. Nevertheless they succeed miraculously in growing that expansion cannot hold off. The director/owner Paul Dokter knows the strengths of his company: more flexible and more decisive than the competition. A no nonsense and hands on mentality. Attracting new markets, anticipating on the client’s needs and developing products which satisfy these markets.


Complete article. (from: Zakenspiegel edition March/April 2013)

Paint factory would like to expand in Marrum

Nelf, Koopmans factory, Marrum

22 December 2012


Marrum – Despite overcapacity in the market, P.K. Koopmans Lakfabrieken would like to expand in Marrum. For this expansion a new hall in necessary.


Especially in the dairy sector Koopmans benefits an investment wave. For the desired warehouse of 3000 to 5000 square meter a 1 million Euro budget is available. The land to build on is already in Koopmans’ possession. This was bought already 15 years ago when Koopmans left Ferwert after 111 years and settled in the outskirts of Marrum. Still it’s not definite if expansion is about to take place. ‘’Since the fire at Chemiepack in Moerdijk, companies like ours are put under a magnifying glass. This while our company cannot be compared with it at all, looked at the size’’, says Director Paul Dokter.


Complete article (Source: Leeuwarder Courant)

Charisma officially named

14 July 2012


Rotterdam / Haren-EMS – Shipyard Trico produced building number C 239 for Johann and Jan Bergmann GBR. On Saturday 14 July the ship has been named in the Alte Hafen at Haren-Ems. They have gone through two intensive years of preparations . The hull has been built in Orzova, commissioned by GEFO, and after that the ship was finished in Rotterdam let by Shipyard Trico.


The new Charisma is the result of entrepreneurial urge of father and son Bergmann and the increasing requirements for tankers. The typical canal ship with a length of 86 meters and a with f 9,5 meters is tailored for navigation on all West German channels.


In Orzova, Nelf Marine Paints has laid the foundation for this ship with a good paint system including Nelfapox STL Premium Coat. In The Netherlands the ship has been finished with the Nelfamar Supertop Gloss and Semi-Gloss.


Source: "Scheepvaartkrant", complet article.

Sytze Huizenga advisor Nelf Industry in the northeast of The Netherlands

Sytze Huizenga

10 may 2012


Since 1 May Sytze Huizenga is the new commercial technical advisor for Nelf Industry in the northeast of the Netherlands. This is a further expansion of the workforce of Nelf, Koopmans and Drenth Verven from Marrum. Sytze Huizenga, who is 48 years old and lives in Groningen, has been working for over 30 years in the paint industry. He started in paint production and soon switched to sales. After an intensive induction period Sytze Huizenga started his activities.

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