Field organization & Inspection


The technical advice department has a permanent external employee in every region. They can advise you on site and, for instance, also draw up (have drawn up) a technical report. We list step-by-step what the technical advisor can do for you:


1. Get the question clear

A well substantiated advice starts with the inventory of the requirements of the customer and an inspection of the project. What is the question, where do possible problems lie and what is expected from the supplier, bunker station and painter?


2. Inspection on location (mainly at a shipyard abroad)

Nelf InspectorIf there is reason, we take professional measuring equipment to assess the condition of the object. What is the condition of the substrate, the paintwork and what is the positioning of (parts of) the object. And are there also special factors in the surroundings and (weather) circumstances which can have an effect.





3. Written advice

We give a written advice on the basis of our findings. We indicate therein in detail how the painter/captain can best go to work and which system he can best use (for each component).


4. Coaching

If required we inspect the work at agreed times. When this takes place is determined by mutual agreement. We can report the assessment in writing.


5. Completion

Our advisors are gladly present during the delivery of a ship in theNetherlandsor abroad. Based on the agreements made and (intermediate) inspections we assess whether the work meets the requirements.


This approach offers the best guarantee for a good piece of paintwork and satisfied customers.

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